In addition to Boot Camp, Speed Play StL offers two other classes at John Burroughs School.  During class we will use the weight room, fitness studios, field house, and occasionally go outdoors.  You can drop in to try any class, at any time, for $10.  Or, you can buy a package of 11 classes for $100 and mix and match any of the classes below (including Boot Camp) as you go!

Why: Unfortunately, as we age, our ability to get stronger increasingly becomes more difficult and, eventually, will reach a point where it is all together impossible.  Without any sort of training, you may one day find yourself having trouble performing trivial tasks around the house like moving furniture, managing yard work, or even playing with your children/ grandchildren.  And so, the purpose of these classes are to prevent muscular deterioration by focusing on lifts, movements, and stretches that maintain strength, promote balance, and boost flexibility.  These three aspects of our physical condition need to be protected so that they may help us live a longer, healthier lifestyle.  Below you will find a description of each class currently being offered at Speed Play StL:

The Speed Play Class

When: Mondays/ Thursdays- 6:00-7:00 AM

Saturdays- 10:00- 11:00 AM

What: This is what it’s all about- the purpose of the title class, which is named after a form of interval training (Fartlek), is to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity all at once!  Using WODs, circuits, team competitions, and stations, we will work towards promoting functional strength while developing a higher level of fitness.  Whether your goal is to gain/maintain strength, tone up, or lose weight, together we can customize the circuit movement by movement to meet your expectations, regardless of ability or level of fitness.

Who: Perfect for men and women of all ages who are looking to maintain strength, regain balance, prevent muscular deterioration, and lose weight!  Additionally, the Speed Play class is a great way to train for 5k’s, 10k’s, mud runs, and all other types of adventure races!

Cost: 11 classes for $100, or drop-in for $10 a class

The Morning Women’s Class

When:  Mondays/ Thursdays- 10:00- 11:00 AM

Tuesdays/ Fridays- 8:30- 9:30 AM

What: 1 hour of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) through the use of circuits and cardio stations which will utilize: barbells, bumper plates, dumb bells, medicine balls, stability balls, bosu balls, ropes, cable machines, cardio equipment, and much, much more!  Class changes every two weeks to promote a balance of difficulty, efficiency, and variety with each workout.

Who:  Women of any fitness level! Bring your friends and workout together competitively or just for fun as a group!  Space is limited so please contact William to reserve your spot!

Cost: 11 classes for $100, or drop-in for $10 a class.




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