Mobility and ROM

Unfortunately, as we age, our ability to get stronger increasingly becomes more difficult and, eventually, will reach a point where it is all together impossible. Without any sort of training, you may one day find yourself having trouble performing trivial tasks around the house like moving furniture, managing yard work, or even playing with your children/grandchildren. Therefore, the purpose of these half hour sessions are to prevent muscular deterioration by focusing on lifts, movements, and stretches that maintain strength, promote balance, and boost flexibility. These three aspects of our physical condition need to be protected so that they may help us live a longer, healthier life.

Packages Include:
– Fitness Assessments (with first purchase of 10 session package)
– Goal Creation
– Nutritional Counseling (Nutrition Plans available)
– Flexible Scheduling
– Movement Pattern Focused Coaching
– Prehab/Rehab Training
– Self Massage and Stretch Techniques
– One on One Stretching


30 Minute Sessions (only)
1 Session: $45
5 Sessions: $200
10 Sessions: $350 (Plus one extra 30 Minute Fitness Assessment for New Clients)

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